Amman, Jordan

Women Innovators in Charge, a competition worth 9,000 JDS for supporting innovative projects and turning them into a reality!

Sondos Samara “HealthCare Sector Winner”

Eman Bushnaq “Tech Sector Winner”

Maysoon Al- Khuraissat “GreenTech Sector Winner”

Their victory was not out of luck, It came after hard work and huge efforts and planning to reach the final stages, they have been selected among nine projects who were qualified for the final stage of the competition, which were narrowed down from 15 projects in the second phase, They were given training sessions and guidance through mentors to pursuit self-development and reach their ambitions.

The winners reached this stage after a specialized evaluation committee had evaluated their outstanding projects among a variety of ideas and projects presented in the first phase of the competition, which is organized by ASRF and supported by USAID.


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